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Phengite is a series name for dioctahedral micas of composition K(AlMg)2(OH)2(SiAl)4O10, similar to muscovite but with addition of magnesium. It is a non-IMA.

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Results of the phengite geobarometers show that peak pressures were in the . In contrast, Si-‐in-‐phengite barometry of the felsic gneiss yielded estimated.

Compositional and structural relationships between phengites and .

Jan 12, 1970 . INTRODUCTION. THE NATURE of illite as a monomineral phase has been recently discussed by Gaudette, Eades and Grim (1966).

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The mineral paragenesis of ltre blueschist facies in granitic orthogneiss is quartz + albite + microcline + phengite + biotite; almandine-rich garnet occurs in tona-.

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Phengite is an aluminous true mica which contains a relatively high amount of tetrahedrally co-ordinated Si (>3.1 apfu) . Photos of Phengite (13) . Goiás, Brazil.
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